Name: Bhagwan Sri Balayogiswaruala Tapo Aashram,Mummdivaram,East Godavari Dist,AP, India regd.no.46/1977.
Location: Mummdivaram,Village & Mandal:East Godavari dist, AP India. 533216

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To impart,spread and radiate spirituality and to publish the life of Bhagavan sri sri sri Balayogiswarulu and his messages and to promote the spread of useful knowledge
  2. To protect the sanctity and holiness of the sacred Samadhi of Bhagavan Balayogiswarulu and to make arrangements for its darshan to the devotees throughout the year.
  3. To maintain the Tapo, darshan mandir buildings with in the Ashram compound including the towers ,vigrahams and all other buildings outside the Ashram compound belonging to the Ashram in good condition.
  4. To administer all the lands belonging to the Ashram .
  5. To celebrate the janmadinam and Tapodinam utchavams in a grand and fitting manner.
  6. To conduct spiritual discourses in order to disseminate the gospel of trough and enlightenment as expounded by Bhagavan sri Balayogiswarulu for the spiritual and ethical devotion of mankind.
  7. To promote the study and practice of meditation(yoga) as thought by Sri Bhagavan Balayogiswarulu.
  8. To construct Dharamasalas in order to provide facilities to the devotees for meditation on the study of comparative religions. Philosophy and poster universal brotherhood.